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4 Giuliani Rd.
Dennis, MA 02638
P: 508-385-2960
Cell phone: 508-776-7355

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The Image:

Nature is the source of inspiration for some time. It is the sense of movement and change that is so pervasive. The ebb and flow of waves or the wind through the trees: water and air can not be contained. All is energy and élan that I try to interpret in my art. In addition, the creative part of image-making comes out of the experience: blurring lines between drawing, painting or printmaking. The final image invites contemplation and spurs me toward more imagery. There is a joy in making art that rises above daily struggles.

The Process: 

Additionally, the abundance of techniques and materials found in printmaking only compound the joy and peek the curiosity. The challenge is to see how far I can go and the process is stimulating and never-ending. I draw directly on paper, canvas or plate with any tools at my disposal. If the image is a success, it grows in free-flowing rhythm. The experimentation inherent in Printmaking often leads me towards abstraction and the interaction of the press invites another point of view that is provocative and stimulating.