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4 Giuliani Rd.
Dennis, MA 02638
P: 508-385-2960 May to November

7127 Big Bend Dr.
Spring Hill, FL 34606
P: 352-688-8067 November to May


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Art reflects my environment and also a certain state of mind which changes with time itself. I am constantly moving between two places: Florida and Cape Cod. While these two places serve as my studio, there is a third studio which is the car itself. In all of this, Landscape is the preeminent source of inspiration.

In a moving car, the landscape changes in seconds with the rate of a speeding car. Nature and mundane man-made object merge together and introduce dynamic relationships I could never foresee. In Florida and on Cape Cod, the subject of Landscape is investigated from a different perspecttive. The wind moves everything around and engages the landscape in changing relationships. Forms swiftly change with the effects of light, atmosphere and color. I find all of this intriguing and stimulating because it is so elusive to try to capture the moment. It seems just beyond my reach.

I draw directly on paper, canvas or plate with any tools at my disposal. If the image is a success, it grows in free-flowing rhythm. The creative part of image-making comes out of the experience; blurring lines between drawing, painting or printmaking. The final image invites contemplation and spurs me toward more imagery. The experimentation inherent in Printmaking often leads me towards abstraction.

Often there is an alteration of original intent. "Marshes on Fire" developed in this way, while "Nocturnal Journey" explored the process of trace monotype which presents a dark ground to start with. The presence of my press seems to introduce a third party into a conversation between myself and the image. I try to pay attention to what the press is saying.